Sunday January 21, 2018


  1. Commercial Litigation.

    Commercial litigation typically includes representing local individuals and small business owners in matters involving contract disputes to routine commercial matters. Litigation requires an aggressive advocate who is experienced to undertake thorough discovery, complex motion practice and represent the client’s interests in the courtroom.
    Litigation practice often results in the loss of work time and money for clients. Therefore, we recognize that litigation avoidance is of primary concern to our clients. We advise clients as to available means of dispute avoidance involving pro-active counseling involving various methods ranging from contract review to employment procedures.

  2. Real Property Tax Litigation.

    We have successfully represented numerous property owners in real estate tax disputes in the unequal or overvalued assessment of their commercial properties by local taxing authorities. Real property tax litigation requires a strong knowledge of the applicable laws and procedures in this unique type of litigation which is under the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Tax Court.
    For the past twenty years, I have assisted many property owners reduce their tax burdens. By obtaining reductions in the estimated market values of their properties, our representation has resulted in owners receiving refunds of significant amounts in reimbursement for taxes previously paid. Our work involves advising the client from filing petitions, disclosing financial information to local authorities, retaining valuation experts and appraisers, to motion practice, settlement negotiations and trial work to obtain the best results for our property owner clients.

  3. Landlord – Tenant Litigation.

    We have successfully represented numerous commercial and residential property owners as landlords in Housing Court in the exercise of their rights and interests in connection with leases with their tenants. Our clients require experienced and competent representation to protect their interests in lease negotiations to courtroom eviction proceedings. Our representation involves appearance before Housing Court referees or district court judges to regain rightful possession of their property when tenants default or fail to vacate from the leasehold premises. We recognize that clients need efficient and aggressive representation to enable them to make their properties available for future tenants willing to pay rents to our clients.

  4. Collections Litigation.

    We provide zealous advocacy to collect payments from parties who have failed to honor their promises or obligations to our clients. Collection litigation may include commencing an action to obtain a money judgment to implementing post-judgment collection methods such as garnishment, levy and other means to obtain monies to pay judgments. We offer our clients various compensation arrangements for pursing collection against their debtors.