Monday February 19, 2018


  1. Divorce.

    Representing individuals in a marital dissolution (aka divorce) proceeding can range from an amicable, uncontested administrative dissolution with no court appearance by either party to a high-conflict, contested action culminating in an evidentiary hearing involving multiple witnesses, experts and numerous exhibits before a trial judge lasting several days. However, you need or want to dissolve your marriage, Langsev Law Firm has the skill and knowledge to best resolve or advocate for the protection of your rights regarding property and family.We gather the facts and information from you necessary to customize an approach or strategy that best meets your desired outcome at a trying time in your life. We also offer you the tools and resources from the community to effectively accomplish your goals and allow you to begin a new chapter in your life.

  2. Child Custody – Paternity.

    You may need an advocate to ask the trial court to award you the custodial rights that you believe are in the best interests of your minor child or children. Langsev Law Firm can assist you in reaching your goals whether it requires retaining custody evaluators, appointment of guardian ad litems or other knowledgeable experts involving the needs of children.We can help you in determining the proper use of neutrals and evaluation options to determine the best means by which to arrange for a proper custody and parenting time award.

  3. Spousal Maintenance – Complex Property Valuation and Division.

    Determining whether you are eligible or liable for spousal maintenance (aka alimony) is a contentious matter best left to an advocate on your behalf. Minnesota law considers various factors including, but not limited to, length of marriage, standard of living, financial needs, and ability to earn income in awarding maintenance which may require retaining employment evaluators or other experts. Property division can be related to certain aspects of maintenance and involve complex valuations of real property and retirement interests. Langsev Law Firm has experience with valuation matters and a referral listing of experts to assist you in determining a fair division of your property.

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Ryan E. Langsev has practiced in the field of family law since 1990. He has been recognized as a leader in the community in family law matters and held positions for several years such as the Chair of the Family Law Section for the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association as well as the Chair of the Family Law Section for the Minnesota Association for Justice.

Langsev Law Firm understands that individuals come to us with very personal matters during an emotional time in their lives. We appreciate these unique concerns and provide a high level of professionalism to closely work with you in successfully meeting your goals.