Sunday January 21, 2018


1.     Wills and Trusts.

Estate planning documents carry out the objectives of individuals by which their estate, either upon death or during life, is transferred to their beneficiaries.  Wills and trust agreements assist individuals with reducing costs or loss in administration and other protections for beneficiaries.  Individuals often find peace of mind upon completing their estate planning needs.

We gather the facts and information from you necessary to determine the beneficiaries, relevant assets and liabilities, any prior relevant transfers and transactions, your potential trustees and representatives, and other objectives to customize a plan that meets your desires and needs.  We also offer to prepare documents such as Power of Attorney forms and Health Care Directives to authorize others to assist you, if necessary, at certain times in your life.

2.     Probate Administration.

Probate administration is the legal process by which the claims of a decedent are resolved and their assets are distributed to surviving beneficiaries.  Often people will refer to the culmination of this process as receiving an inheritance.  Such a process requires a personal representative to marshal all assets of the decedent, pay the requisite liabilities and make other decisions regarding the estate to best serve the beneficiaries.

We efficiently assist individuals, often nominated as personal representatives, in this process at a time which may be difficult and emotional due to the recent loss of a loved one.  Probate administration involves technical matters which include filing court documents, notifying interested parties and creditors, and performing other tasks on a timely basis.

We can help you in initiating, administering and closing a probate proceeding to determine the best means by which to administer the estate and distribute estate assets.

3.     Guardianship / Conservatorship.

Guardianship is a court proceeding in which an individual is appointed to care for an individual, referred to as a “ward”, regarding their daily needs typically due to diminished mental capacity.  Langsev Law Firm has assisted individuals in this process during which they are appointed as a guardian which typically involves an elderly loved one such as an aging parent or grandparent.  By comparison, a conservator is an individual who is court-appointed to manage and report the financial matters of an individual, “respondent”, who cannot manage their financial affairs.

Like probate administration, we assist individuals in the initiation to completion of this process during which they are empowered to care for their loved one through a guardianship or conservatorship proceeding.  Such a proceeding is conducted under court supervision and requires periodic reporting for the protection of these vulnerable parties.  Langsev Law Firm has the experience necessary to best assist you in taking care of these important individuals in your life and providing you with the support for a harmonious situation.