Sunday January 21, 2018


  1. Entity Formation and Operations.
  2. Small business owners need to personally protect themselves and their family from creditors in connection with the operation of their businesses. An important protection from such legal liability can be obtained in determining the proper entity type in which to form their business. Owners need to understand the benefits and options in choosing whether to operate their business as a limited liability company, S corporation or a domestic corporation.

    Langsev Law Firm counsels and assists small business owners in the formation of their business for such matters as liability protection and future growth options. In addition, we assist our small business owners in the operation of their business in connection with legal matters involving such matters as the hiring or terminating employees, contractual relationships with vendors and other third-parties, as well as handling their litigation needs.

    We offer our experience to limit your expenses to help your business grow and prosper. Langsev Law Firm seeks to grow our practice alongside your business.

  3. Contracts.
  4. Contracts are often the basis for business disputes and problems. Frequently they can escalate into litigation matters. Much of the civil litigation that we have represented business owners or individuals evolved around contracts and their performance.

    Langsev Law Firm can assist you in drafting or reviewing contracts prior to entering into them with a third-party. Business owners who spend some time and money in reviewing proposed contractual relationships can save themselves significant costs in the future.

    We counsel our clients and offer our services in connection to entering into or the performance of contracts to protect your rights and interests.

  5. Employment.
  6. Employment litigation is expensive and disruptive to the operation of a business. Often this type of litigation involves hiring a law firm that specializes in employment litigation matters.

    Langsev Law Firm does not specialize in employment litigation. Instead, we counsel business owners in trying to prevent employment litigation by assisting them with pro-active measures in the operation of their business. Establishing clear employment procedures and rules in the workplace assists employers in mitigating problems and avoiding costly, protracted legal actions by current or former employees. Handling a potentially litigious matter with a reasonable and fair solution or accommodation to an employee’s problem or claim can be the best resolution for all involved.